19 01 2013

Three weeks to go – “Final spurt”

10 01 2013

There are only three weeks left of our Erasmus semester! As we recently passed an exam we have only one subject left at KTU (Virtual Reality – the SlendAR project). We already planned how we will end things here afterwards, so this is the plan:

From January 20 – January 28 we will have a trip with the following stops:

  • Riga
  • Tallinn
  • Helsinki
  • Kopenhagen
  • Malmö

Afterwards we will only put our stuff into the car – sleep a little and go to

  • Warsaw

on 29th.

On January 31st we will finally return to Austria! So see you soon!

Happy new year – One week as tourists

9 01 2013

Our story begins in Ansfelden, where I left home well prepared (refreshing nap in the evening and a few coffees afterwards) to pick up Lara from Enns and drive all the way to Herrnbaumgarten (near the border to Czech Republic). There we had to put the stuff of five people AND five people into my car (a VW Polo Classic) – we made it, but there was no space left afterwards :-)

My trip was lasting 3 1/2 hours already, the one from Bernd, Michi and Kevin just started. Suprisingly, there weren’t any difficulties, the track was clear and weather was fine for driving – nobody has seen that coming! After I drove almost 1.000 kilometers Lara continued the driving. There was the general assumption that I won’t tell anybody to drive although I would be wasted when we arrive… I wasn’t tired and still concentrated, but relaxing and looking around instead of concentrate on driving was reeeaaaly refreshing – not to mention taking off the shoes… at least for me 😀

After 16 hours, 1.300 kilometers and crossing 3 country-borders we finally arrived at our flat. There was a nice dinner, Bernd proved himself as a very good Kaunas tourist guide, a looong new year’s eve and on January 2nd we packed our stuff and moved to Vilnius, where even Bernd and I actually have been tourists again. We took a guided trip to Trakai (first capital of Lithuania with an amazing castle), discovered oldtown and also had a guided tour through Vilnius.

Although the weather hasn’t been fine at all it was a great week with great people! I think we all had lots of fun and I’m really looking forward to returning home!

My car isn't really big, but nobody complained - good boys :-)

Finally the border Poland-Lithuania

First dinner in Lithuania for half of us - including a cliche-vodka :-)

A wine cellar in Kaunas - Funny thing: there isn't any Lithuanian Wine at all

Lara was Justis' buddy when he was in Hagenberg and they met randomly on new year's eve - what a coincidence

Oldtown in Kaunas

In front of Trakai castle

Our guide was simply too gentle^^

No chance for an escape...

Inside Trakai Castle

Just a beer in a pizza restaurant...

One of the many churches in Vilnius - this one we even saw from inside, but I don't want to bore you

The fountain at the oldtown square in Vilnius in winter - nice idea

Christmas Holidays

9 01 2013

As you know me I already thought about all the funny jokes myself, so yes, haha “Holidays? From what?”. But seriously: We returned to Austria for ten days to celebrate Christmas with our families. For me that also meant family pictures (telling you that they look good would be pleonasm, wouldn’t it?), My brother’s and my father’s birthday and a few suprises.

Not only, that my sister-in-law took a day off to accompany my brother to pick me up from the airport - they also brought a welcome-present I haven't had for five month!

My father, of course, topped that with this advent calendar - it was already December 19, so we had things to do...

Preparation for a 18th birthday party

..including a little bit of Nudelsalat

This is how you know that I decorated the christmas tree

Usually the kids can't await christmas... In our case it's Sunny :-)

Similarities of the presents my grandmother got...

my sisters having fun drawing...

Who needs a camera when you can draw like this?

So my ‘visit’ in Austria ended with the birthday party of my father to start a 1.300 km trip back to Lithuannia by car. But that’s another story…