Augmented Reality Wintergarten 1.0

18 03 2011

My last projectd as bachelor-student was Augmented Reality Wintergarten. It is an application for Android devices with android version 2.1 or higher.

This application draws a conservatory over the live camera-preview. It can be drawn in any RAL-color and the size must be set before to hit the right proportions.

Used Technologies:

  • Android 2.1
  • OpenGL ES

Tested on:

  • htc Desire
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Samsung Galaxy S

The current version is 1.0 – it contains the basic functionality of drawing and moving the conservatory in all RAL-colors.

The following features will be implemented in future versions:

  • Capturing the position – so moving the device will no more move the conservatory from the correct position
  • More kinds of conservatories, roofings
  • Take a picture of the house with the conservatory
  • 3D movement of the taken picture with the conservatory



One response

27 03 2011
Matthias Braun

This is neat!

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