Ant 2 iPhone

30 03 2011

During the summer term 2010 of my bachelor study my semester project was Ant 2 iPhone. It was a project with less coding and more experimentation. My project colleague was Larissa Lehner and I also want to thank Stephan Selinger for his support during the project.

The main goal of the project was to connect an ANT-chip ( to an iPhone 3G with iOS 3.1.3. That afforded some hardware tasks like brazing and soldering the correct pins, some operating system hacks on iOS 3 (Jailbreak, Multi-tasking even before iOS 4), embedded programming in C and programming in Objective C.

I learned very much during this project – in many different aspects. That’s why it is one of my favorite projects so far!



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27 04 2011
Larissa Lehner

crazy shit man 😀
but maybe you like it best so far because I was a team member 😉 hehe

29 04 2011

Bad language, Lara!

It’s definitely right in the aspect that nice hard-working team members are very important for a project to make fun! 😉

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