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29 11 2012

First of all: Yes, we are also doing something for our studies. Well, yes: I can hear your laughter. But seriously, here is an insight:

Besides our Master’s thesis project and “Systems Engineering 3 – Metrics and Testing”, which we attend in Hagenberg, we are taking three courses here at the Kaunas University of Technology:

Algorithms and Data Structures in Computational Geometry
We got some assignments we have to solve during the semester. They are all about solving problems in Computational Geometry and force us to do lots of research and “play around” with different algorithms.

This lecture can be seen as good addition to the course “Computer Vision”, that we attended last semester.

Cloud Computing
After working through different books and papers we discussed pros and cons of different frameworks for Cloud Computing. Then we had to decide which one to take for a project we have to present in the end of the semester.

We are using Google App Engine for a Chat Application. Right now we worked out the basic server side functionality.

Virtual Reality
For this course we also have to do a project. It’s about developing an Augmented Reality Application for Android.

We cooperate with CrazyImp, which is a startup company supported by the KTU supported “Startup Space”.

At first we had to compare different AR frameworks for the purpose of having virtual objects placed in the real world through the camera view. We decied to use “DroidAR”.

Next step was to come up with an idea for a game – and I think the one we came up with is quite cool. We will develop an Augmented Reality version of “Slender – the eight pages”. For those of you, who don’t know the game, I will include a YouTube-Video of the trailer.

So right now we have the basic User Interface, parts of the game logic and a 3D-model of Slenderman. Right now the hints a player has to find and Slenderman are just easy to find arrows, so what still has to be done is include the models, finish with the game logic and develop some fancy features :-)

As SlendAR is something, that could be even interesting, I included some screenshots.



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