Our flat

29 11 2012

We are overduty… to show our flat to all of you :-)
The flat we rent is nothing special, it’s an old Sovjet building (but thank god with new windows) where lots of things are built in a way and are in a condition we wouldn’t stand in a austrian flat. But it’s good enough for four students to live in for less than five months. And more important: It’s better to live here than in the dormitory 😀

Bernd and I moved in together with Christian from Germany and two weeks later Maxime from France joined us.

As it is always the most fun – let the pictures speak:


We had to change a bunch of things, but first of all: Preparation is everything!

Kitchen including a few things our hirer "borrowed" us (Really nice guy, by the way)

The other half of the kitchen - the fridge was in another room the time we moved in...

Our former living room that became Maxime's room

Christian's room. He didn't get the matrace on the bed(s) - also, he gave the second part of the bed to Maxime as he bought a new one for himself.

the other half of Christian's room :)

Bernd's room, he didn't get the table, but the best bed due to what I call an allergy advantage :-P

My room - the smallest one. But after folding out the couch and putting a matrace over it I had a place to sleep and I got the best desk. Also, it's MY room, so it has to be the greatest one ;-)

You need some ideas when three people are washing their clothes the first time since three weeks...

So that was a first tour through our flat. If you wonder why we didn’t wash our clothes for three weeks – the washing machines weren’t delivered to the dormitory yet. Planning, organizing and preparing aren’t the big strengths of Lithuanians…

So let’s take a look how it developed until today:

We improved the kitchen by putting food and stuff in it 😀 hahaha. We put the fridge in there and Bernd and I took the cupboards for our rooms as we didn't need them in the kitchen.

Bernd needed a new desk, so we splitted the one in the living room.

I had to make my small room cosy and I wanted to put the "grey" out of it...

..so, again, I started to put the pictures from home on the wall..

..and this time I had enough space to use ALL of them :)

Also, I started to build a "motivation wall" at my exit using the postcards I got from home and I planned to also put special things I find or get in Lithuania onto it

And it developed well! The sum of all these "small things" really lighten up every day!



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