Trip to St.Petersburg

29 11 2012

Our trip to Russia was pretty cool. St.Petersburg is really beautiful on the inside, but on our way to go there (we went by bus) we also saw enough places where you don’t want to live. We knew the blocked buildings already from Lithuania – but in SPb they are higher and much more of them on less space. Living there must give you that You-are-one-of-5-million-feeling…

Some quick facts you may not just find on Wikipedia:
St.Petersburg is known as the center of cultural Russia
The first museum of the country was a museum of curiosities (in SPb) :-)
SPb is the “beer city” of Russia (Moscow is the “vodka city”).

Puschkin once said “I was here drank wine and beer”

Russian Visum - 4 days, EUR 80,--

Border - Russia

Border - Narva (Estonia)

Having fun in Peter & Paul's Cathedral - or how I like to call it: the Cathedral of Death

Our hotel - I showed this picture to the taxi driver after going out and we arrived there safely ;-)

Euro vs Litas vs Rubel

I asked the waiter for somthing I can only get in St.Petersburg: Some extended version of Chicken Kiev (forgot the name) - really good

Mollie's - St.Petersburg's oldest Pub

Me with a typical russian guy

"Beschleunigungsstreifen" hahaha - Joke by: Bernd

Giebelkreuz-Mafia in Russia :D

Museum of arts "Hermitage" former palace, a building with ~1400 windows...

Hermitage: Oldschool Facebook 😀 - Joke by: Izabela

Hermitage: It reminded me a bit of the first Resident Evil game - a golden version of the mansion...

Hermitage: Badass :)

Hermitage: A painting by some guy called "Leonardo DaVinci"

Hermitage: These masks remind me of Dragon Ball....

Just another russian souvenir shop in

Metro station from outside

A metro stop. If you see just the underground of St.Petersburg, you could think that Russia is rich...

Glass adornment on the columns

Colonel Sanders? :-P

Good old times


"Why is that guy naked and you can see his balls?" - "Because it's the same for the horse" - by Berni & Bernd

May I point your attention to the proportion of this man's body/head...

So you have GPS? Really? 😀 Hmm... they don't have E-Mail^^

I learned about it in driving school, but I had to travel to St.Petersburg to see it the first time for real.

Oh yes and I bought such a russian military hat =)

Another funny thing is that I ate at KFC and Subway in St.Petersburg, and for both chains it was my first time 😀



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