Christmas Holidays

9 01 2013

As you know me I already thought about all the funny jokes myself, so yes, haha “Holidays? From what?”. But seriously: We returned to Austria for ten days to celebrate Christmas with our families. For me that also meant family pictures (telling you that they look good would be pleonasm, wouldn’t it?), My brother’s and my father’s birthday and a few suprises.

Not only, that my sister-in-law took a day off to accompany my brother to pick me up from the airport - they also brought a welcome-present I haven't had for five month!

My father, of course, topped that with this advent calendar - it was already December 19, so we had things to do...

Preparation for a 18th birthday party

..including a little bit of Nudelsalat

This is how you know that I decorated the christmas tree

Usually the kids can't await christmas... In our case it's Sunny :-)

Similarities of the presents my grandmother got...

my sisters having fun drawing...

Who needs a camera when you can draw like this?

So my ‘visit’ in Austria ended with the birthday party of my father to start a 1.300 km trip back to Lithuannia by car. But that’s another story…



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