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My Name is Bernhard Leopold Ecklbauer. I’m studying Mobile Computing at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. My academic goal is at least Master of Science, which I want to reach in Summer 2013.My hobbies are bodybuilding, reading, movies and darts. I played darts in a hobby-league for two years. Also, I am a big fan of formula one – I try to don’t miss a single race! Bernhard Ecklbauer (2012)

I am born in Linz on January 12th, 1989. Since then I used to live in Ansfelden (both Upper Austria). My education started in Volksschule Ansfelden and Akademisches Gymnasium Linz. After four years in Gymnasium I decided to work with computers and I was interested in programming. So I went to SDV School for informatics and business in Vienna – where I was four out of five years the pupil with the best grades. After three years I passed the final exam with honors, which included the Austrian Business Certification. That year I also passed the European Business Competence Licence (EBC*L). Less then two years later I passed the vocational matriculation examination – four month before even school was out.

Before my military service, I decided to focus on programming for mobile systems – therefore I began my study, which I started in second semester.

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